Creatively courageous, digitally progressive and results driven.

Our culture combines infectious energy, innovation through collaboration and campaigns that really work.

Founded by Jan Meehan and Scott Reinemann, BossMan is the product of a shared vision to develop and build a media and communications agency that truly partners with its clients.

Jan's journey started in radio first producing 'Captain Blood and Ian Major's Footy Show' on 3KZ, then being appointed the youngest and first Female Music Director in Australian radio.

During this time her experience spanned across programming, promotions, and Director of Sales and Marketing

Outside of radio, Jan was General Manager at a major PR and Communications agency where she worked with large corporate organisations, state & local governments on many challenging projects.

One of the highlights or as Jan describes it 'one of the fun projects' was running the campaign for The International World Police and Fire Games for which she was the recipient of a notable, international PR award.

Over the course of a similar period, Scott’s media career encompassed experience in radio, TV and outdoor. Throughout Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne markets, this zeal was expressed through his various roles as a writer and producer, and his adventures both on air and in sales. A two-year stint on the National John Laws program as senior writer and producer was certainly an eye opener! Having worked across so many areas of this industry he still has a great love and passion for radio!

With a solid foundation layered with impressive industry knowledge, Jan and Scott have built an agency that ensures business’ and their brands excel.

Surrounded with media specialists of the highest calibre, we’ve been thriving for a decade, delivering and delighting in an industry defined by constant change.

Put simply; we know what we’re doing. We are BossMan.

We are Bossman.

Psst... tap our piccies for some cheeky li'l team insights...

Jan Meehan Jan Meehan

Jan Meehan.

Managing Director
& Passionate Communicator

Scott Reinemann Scott Reinemann

Scott Reinemann.

& TrailBlazer

Clare O'Malley Clare O'Malley

Clare O'Malley.

Account Director
& Bringer of the Sparkle

Alex Meehan Alex Meehan

Alex Meehan.

Account Director
& Shoe Obsessed Fashionista

Elise Hehir Elise Hehir

Elise Hehir.

Account Manager
& Little Ray of Sunshine

Renee Pantas Renee Pantas

Renee Pantas.

PR & Communications Coordinator
& Tiny Human Doing Big Things

Harry Pepperell Harry Pepperell

Harry Pepperell.

Multimedia & Content Coordinator
& Puppy Enthusiast

Silas Kidd Silas Kidd

Silas Kidd.

Web Designer & Developer
& Avid Drake Fan

Liz Sullivan Liz Sullivan

Liz Sullivan.

Chief Storyteller
& PR Spinner

Toula Dragojlovic Toula Dragojlovic

Toula Giannopoulos.

Finance Angel
& Keeper of The Books