“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent.
It is the one that is most adaptable to change”

Charles Darwin


When it comes to business and media, nothing has disrupted our lives more in the way we work and live than COVID-19.

The pandemic caused many businesses, including our clients to think fast, act quickly and innovatively and in some cases, turn their business model on its head.  At BossMan, we were there for our clients every step of the way, navigating the impact of COVID-19 and helping with the same enthusiasm, zealousness and creativity; pandemic or not.

Below, we look at how we pivoted our strategy for three crucial clients and not only saw them through the trials and tribulations of COVID-19, but actually increased their credibility, sales and success as organisations.

CFMEU: Building for a COVID normal.

The CFMEU is one of the largest unions in Australia, with over 300,000 workers employed in the construction industry in Victoria alone.

With construction being such a vital part of our economy, the importance of supporting the industry through the pandemic was crucial.

We dove straight into creating a member comms platform (See here) https://cfmeu-news.com.au/covid-19-information/ to deliver ongoing, real-time information about the pandemic. This platform delivered a feed of the latest media releases, industry news, statements, and all information regarding financial, safety and mental health support for construction workers.

Our communications strategy also integrated SMS blasts, eDM’s, social media campaigns, radio, outdoor and transit advertising to drive the message of staying safe and continuously thanking workers for heading to work and continuing to help rebuild our state. In addition to this, we worked closely with Incolink to launch various testing clinics utilising their mobile health buses to test construction workers for COVID-19 under an initiative supported by the State Government.

The efforts in large-scale testing and continuously driving the message of keeping safe, practicing good hygiene and continuing to social distance on-site assisted the industry in achieving worldwide recognition with less than 20 overall diagnosed cases in Victoria. As part of their consistent efforts, the industry is now back at 100% working capacity in Victoria and we thank all workers for building the country, so Australia can rebuild.

The Advent of new security services.

Advent Security has been a leader in security services across Australia and New Zealand for over 30 years. The highly experienced team has varied experience in an industry that sees it all. But what they hadn’t seen in their tenure was a worldwide pandemic which was to shift the entire way the world and businesses functioned. BossMan seized this opportunity to work with Advent and expand their services, in doing so, assisting key industries, banks, healthcare facilities and large logistic companies successfully keep their workplaces safe through the use of security technology.

BossMan assisted Advent to truly pivot their services offerings, launching key COVID services including Thermal Body Temperature Imaging, Crowd Occupancy Control and Temperature Monitoring Technology. We developed new digital material, created native advertorials showcasing the benefits of their technologies, created new video content, upgraded their website and created brochures and eDM’s to advertise their service offerings. Plus, we secured awesome media exposure for Advent to further showcase their COVID solutions and their massive efforts in helping businesses to stay open and operate safely during 2020.

Sparking a new way of purchasing.

As restrictions prevented customers from visiting Jetmaster Heat and Glo’s showroom, we did what we have come to know best in 2020 and pivoted the entire campaign creative, creating new social ad units, updating the website and developing a new TV commercial to showcase their virtual online consultations. The result? Over the campaign duration, the Quadra-Fire website had a 336% increase in visitors, user acquisition direct from social media also increased by a massive 187%. The heat was truly on for the Jetmaster sales team, with additional website features implemented by BossMan (such as chat bots and form fills) resulting in a 200% increase in ‘contact us’ enquiries and 201% increase in Book a Service requests YoY.

So once again, we are being surprised by 2020, but in a positive way; witnessing the successful pivoting and shifting of several of our client’s strategies gave all of us the confidence that whatever comes our way, we can approach it with gusto (and extra hand sanitiser) and perhaps even thrive!

Now, who’s ready to see what we achieve in 2021?