Jan Meehan Managing Director Jan Meehan Passioniate Communicator

Jan Meehan.

Managing Director
& Passionate Communicator

Scott Reinemann BossMan Media Director

Scott Reinemann.

& Chip Connoisseur

Clare O'Malley Account Director Clare O'Malley Bringer of the Sparkle

Clare O'Malley.

Account Director
& Bringer of the Sparkle

Alex Meehan Account Director Alex Meehan Shoe Obsessed Fashionista

Alex Meehan.

Account Director
& Shoe Obsessed Fashionista

Elise Hehir Account Manager Elise Hehir Little Ray of Sunshine

Elise Hehir.

Account Manager
& Little Ray of Sunshine

Renee Pantas Tiny Human Doing Big Things

Renee Pantas.

PR & Communications Coordinator
& Tiny Human Doing Big Things

Harry Pepperell Multimedia & Content Coordinator Harry Pepperell Puppy Enthusiast

Harry Pepperell.

Multimedia & Content Coordinator
& Puppy Enthusiast

Silas Kidd Web Designer and Developer Silas Kidd Avid Drake Fan

Silas Kidd.

Web Designer & Developer
& Avid Drake Fan

Lina Graphic Designer Lina Halloween Enthusiast

Lina Amsvartner.

Graphic Designer
& Halloween Enthusiast

Liz Sullivan Chief Storyteller Liz Sullivan PR Spinner

Liz Sullivan.

Chief Storyteller
& PR Spinner

Toula Giannopoulos Finance Angel Toula Giannopoulos Keeper of The Books

Toula Giannopoulos.

Finance Angel
& Keeper of The Books