Foundation Learning Centre (formally Narre Community Learning Centre) approached BossMan to conduct a re-brand and website build for their organisation in order to refresh their brand image and an establish a consistent branding and tone.

A community conscious organisation.

Originally founded by a group of nursing mothers, the centre was a place where members of the community came together and utilised their skill sets. Today, Foundation Learning Centre provides support for people of all ages through education and community development.

Foundation Learning Centre (FLC) is a progressive leader in Community Education the Southern Metropolitan Region of Melbourne.  FLC is a Learn Local, Non School Secondary Provider, RTO and Neighbourhood House.

Logo Re-design.

Foundation Learning Centre’s new logo was designed with all aspects of the organisation’s offerings in mind, amalgamating all colours present in the sub-brands logos within the main logo.

Foundation Learning Centres previous logo

Foundation Learning Centres new main logo


Utilising a rainbow colour scheme in the new suite of logos differentiated the sub-brands and celebrated the diversity of the FLC students and services. The colours used for each sub-brand are also interconnected and present within the main logo to ensure a consistent brand image and connect all services within the overarching main logo.

Website Build.

The website build took in to account all facets of Foundation Learning Centre and its sub brands, and was designed specifically with UI in mind to ensure potential students could easily navigate where to enrol and view course guides.

View Foundation Learning Centre’s website here: