Liaising with Port executives, BossMan converted a text heavy report, re-designing the information to visually appealing and stakeholder friendly. Infographics and Illustrated maps developed by BossMan emanate throughout the document ensuring engaging and eye-catching content.

  • Graphic Design

The 2050 Port Development Strategy outlines the high-level plans and approach for developing the capacity and efficiency of the Port for the next 30 years, while also providing a planning framework which is adaptable and responsive to changing needs over time.

BossMan continues to work with the Port of Melbourne, creating, designing, and executing their Sustainability Report annually.

The report demonstrates the Port’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of planning and operating that will secure positive long-term growth and performance and help achieve sustainable outcomes.

BossMan’s professionalism and design expertise has brought our high-level communications into the 21st Century, setting the Port of Melbourne as leaders in our industry.

Murray Newton.
Corporate Relations Manager